story-iconThe Story…

The Hiblisscus Blend™ story is a story of resilience. It was during my challenging season that I was introduced to a Hibiscus drink. Actually, it was during a family gathering that one of my cousins visiting from Nigeria made this wonderful drink. Most of the people were not interested; however, being my cousin, I chose to try the drink. There was quite a bit of the drink left and I decided to help myself and took a large jar home.

That’s when the miracle began…..

Prior to my introduction to this drink, I was going through quite a few challenges, I had recently escaped “the jaws of death”, suffered financial losses and was in-between a career change. I was drained mentally, physically, and financially not to mention being a single-mom of three teenagers. I started drinking this wonderful drink and started noticing that my mood was getting lighter, increased mental clarity, decreased lethargy, skin appeared clearer, and was maintaining a healthy body weight with ease.

The jar didn’t last forever! In order to create my own drink I requested that dry hibiscus be sent to me immediately. As time passed, everyone around me started enjoying my hibiscus drinks, my children, friends, their friends and those same family members that wouldn’t drink it before.
After much research, encouragement, and testimonials, I decided to share it with you!!

Enjoy! Enjoy!
Chioma Menakaya – Adigwe (Founder)